Wednesday, June 6, 2012

::Under The Dryer::

I'm currently under the dryer at the salon. 

It's been over 6 months since I've had my hair done.
My how things change once you have a baby

I'm not reading a trashy magazine. 
Instead I'm thinking about...

..everything I should be doing right now
including but not limited to

..all of the posts I want to share with you guys
including some awesome news
and lots of photos
and Jordyns 6th month update
and her 7th month too
and lots of photography updates

..the errands I need to run when I leave
the bank
the pharmacy
the video store

..if the other clients would then I was trashy to pull out my 50 Shades of Gray book right now
and when I'm going to find time to read it the next couple of days

..when we will ever find perfect weather time to take our 'family' photos
at least we have the outfits many more days until Friday
pool day
hopefully with my nanny kids! I done yet?  does my hair scream summer yet?
I need to go snuggle my baby
It's been 13 hours!

::written yesterday, while getting my hair done::

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  1. Hope your hair turned out great! Have fun on pool day


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