Friday, June 22, 2012

Lake Life [Memorial Weekend 2012]

We got home from Texas early Saturday morning and ended up staying home that day.  It felt SO GOOD to sleep in our own bed! :)  Although I day I was SO SAD that Murdock was still gone! :(  We got up Sunday morning; packed & loaded the car.  We got to the lakehouse around 10 and Adam started the smoker.  My sister Ashley, her boyfriend Matt, and our Oklahoma friend Eric came around 1pm.  Adam and the boys drove around the lake.  Ashley, Jordyn and I went for a boat ride with our friends.  That night we  had smores [& the boys had cigars] around the campfire. 

My parents and Alicia & Brad came down [with MURDOCK!] early Monday morning.  The boys [My dad, Adam, Eric, Brad, and Matt] went fishing [in my dad’s boat [5 man/650lb weight limit!].  My mom, Ashley, Alicia, Jordyn & I went for another boat ride with friends.  After the boys started taking on water from the waves, they docked…haha!  My in-laws came out and we had smoked pork for lunch.  Eric headed  home and then our friends Joe & Kim invited us out for a ride on their new [13+ person] boat.  So we left Jordyn [& their boy, Thomas] with my mom and went boating with them for the afternoon.  While on the boat, we decided we were having too much fun to go home that night.  So, we had everyone over to our place for dinner & a bonfire.  We got up at 5 Tuesday morning to pack up and head home before work. 

Definitely not something we’ll do every weekend, but I’m glad we ended us staying.  Tons of fun! 


  1. This is my kind of weekend!! Love it. And J in her little life jacket!!! So cute! You look awesome lady!!!


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