Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jordyn Lynn [8 Months]

Eight months!  So exciting!  You aren't quite 'crawling' but you're everywhere!  You love to roll around and army crawl to get what you want.  You're also getting on all fours and doing the back and forth movement.  I anticipate you crawling all over the place soon! 
Your top two teeth [#3 & 4] popped through this month.  They caused some sinus issues, pain, drooling and lots of nawing, but you handled it very well. 
We spent lots of time outside, in the water, and on the boat this month.  Daddy and I think you're going to LOVE the lake house soon! :)  You celebrated Grandpa Dean's 60th Birthday and had your first 'just becasuse' sleepover with Gram and Papa! :)  Also, your Auntie Isha is living with us this summer and she can't get enough of you!  You love her SO much, nobody reads you stories like her! :)
You are about 18lbs 1oz and 26" now [the same as last month!] You wear 6 month onsies and 6 or 9 month clothing, your pajamas are all 9 months now and size 2 diapers are almost too small.  We added in bananas for breakfast and you love them!  You LOVE squash, we can't give it to you fast enough! :) 
Your schedule looks something like this...8a [bottle], 10a [bananas & nap], 12p [veggies & bottle], 2p [nap], 4p [bottle], 6p [veggies], and 8p [bottle]. When you sleep you stick your butt up in the air, it's soo adorable!  Also, you only sleep around the perimeter of your crib, usually just out of sight of the video monitor! :)
Love you to the moon & back baby girl,
Mama and Daddy
J-1 Month | J-2 Months | J-3 Months | J-4 Months | J-5 Months| J-6 Months

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  1. So adorable!!!!! I love the calendar idea in the pic too. Creative!


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