Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vaca & Sickness [OK|TX]

It's been 16 days since I posted so I just wanted to let you know we're home.
Alive and kicking...barely!

In the 3 days between Vacation 1 [Oklahoma] and Vacation 2 [Texas] I managed to get the flu which made working, unpacking, laundering, and repacking pretty interesting!

While on our second vacation [Texas] my husband no so conveniently got Shingles [ya know, that itchy, painful, have to go to urgent care kind?  ya that!]

On our way home 3 of the 4 adults experienced food poisoning.  So our car ride home was filled with many, many stops.  And vomiting in plastic bags in the car in between.

To top it off, since we got home Jordyn has developed red blotches around her diaper line and in other warm areas [armpits, thigh creases, etc.]  We're praying it's just heat rash or something with the chance in elements and not an allergic reaction to something or the chicken pox [since she is the only one at risk to get them from Adam].

While we wait to see if she gets better or worse, we're just unpacking and repacking for the lake house this weekend.  Yep, we'll be sleeping in our bed 4 of the last 18 nights.  No rest for the weary!

Have a blessed Memorial Weekend and hopefully I'll be back with lots of vacation details soon!



  1. Oh my, I hope your hubby feels better soon!! A lot of people have been getting shingles lately...

    Have fun at the lake house!

  2. your super momma right now for sure

  3. Oh no! Hope everyone starts to feel better. Have fun at the lake :)


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