Thursday, May 10, 2012

Catch Up [in numbers]

I've started about 135435 posts in my head over the last two weeks.  Unfortunately none of them have actually been written because the only time I think of writing is when I'm driving, working, running errands or at someone else's house.  Bummer!  The good part of being so busy and having no time to blog...we've been having awesome weekends at the lakehouse with friends and family and getting ready for vacations!  So here is a dump of what's up 'round our parts.  In the meantime I'll be packing for everyone, getting the car washed, cleaning the house and getting a spray tan.

17 days late with J's 6 month post [yikes!]
15 hours until we leave for Oklahoma [ya hear that Ree?!]
5 photoshoots in May
7 graduation cards mailed
2 vacations in May [any guesses which two states?]
1 giveaway won
4 friends & 2 pups stayed with us at the lakehouse last weekend
1 wedding this weekend


  1. Oh wow, sounds like so much fun!!!!

  2. Did you get your tutu ordered? Make sure you post pictures of your sweet baby girl in her prize!

    Tomorrow's Friday :) Enjoy your weekend!


    Jorgensen Better Together

  3. You have been tagged on my blog!

    Check out the post here:


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