Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Tidbit For New Mamas [vol.3]

Two words for you...

Was I bold enough?  Nobody told me this and boy am I paying for it now [literally!].  I went in for a cleaning 2 weeks before J was born...perfect, no cavities.  I went back last week for my cleaning [5 1/2 mo. later] and BAM...FIVE [yep, 5] cavities!  So invest in some calcium supplements to save yourself $1000, Novocaine, & another afternoon at the dentist. 

When they say babies take all of your nutrients, apparently this is what they mean...and they're right! 

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  1. yikkies!!! i wil def need to start this up! but to be honest i think i have one for the last few weeks my back tooth has been hurting. i hope that they can see me on base because i refuse to go to an italian.... and i dont know if it gets worse if i can wait until i get back to the states!


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