Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life [Easter, Friends & Photos]

 It's been a whirlwind around these parts!  Last Thursday we went to a friends house and ended up staying out until midnight!  Friday morning we headed back to my parents. My dad bought a boat. [whoop, whoop!] Friday evening we had a birthday party for 2 of my cousins. Saturday we celebrated Easter with my family. J got an Easter basket from Gram and Grandpa with dress shoes, bubbles, chalk, a book, some tub toys, and a pail/shovel for this summer. She got Easter books from both of her Aunties too! We got Easter baskets and Murdock got a new bone from Gram & Grandpa! So loved! J played card in her jumper. It must have exhausted her because she took a couple of naps!

Saturday evening we headed to the lakehouse.  We celebrated Adam's cousin's birthday and another cousins engagement that evening before meeting up with Friends.  Sunday morning we went to church and then had dinner at Adam's sister's house.  We didn't get home until almost 10 Sunday night!

Monday night I took photos for a girl's Quinceanera invitations.  Do you want to see some of her photos?  Tonight we're meeting my parents [& sister] before they leave for Jamaica!  And Thursday night we're having our friends [& Godson] over for dinner.  It will be the last time we see them before they leave for Jamaica.  To say I'm craving a vacation right now is an understatement!  Both of these couple went to Jamaica with us for our wedding 2 1/2 years ago and they're already going jealous! :)  This weekend will be filled with a date night [gasp...I know!], 1st Birthday party and more photoshoots!  :) 

Did I mention that my husband and kid have been sick with a cold for 5 days!! :( 


  1. Sounds like a fabulous holiday weekend-- LOOK at Jordan's SMILE!!! :-D Just precious.

  2. Great pictures. Jordyn is adorable!!

  3. So I love all the pictures!!! Your daughter is beautiful!!! I love seeing pictures of her and hearing about her because my youngest and her are just days apart I believe (Oct 20th is her bday).
    You look amazing!
    And I wish we had a lake house!!!

  4. Love her onesie :) wink wink :) And great pics of everyone! Super cute!


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