Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Rocked It

Yesterday that is.

You know those days you have when you just feel like you're on top of it all?  Got off work, grabbed Jordyn , took care of Murdock, packed the daycare bag/set out clothes for J & I for the next day.  I do this stuff every night when I get home from work.  But last night?  I did all of that plus two loads of laundry and got dinner in the oven, all before Adam got home from work.  After dinner I made Easter treats for Jordyn's daycare [can we say Mom of the Year] and had time to sit down and read 1/2 of Kelle's new book, Bloom.  What an awesome night!

And on top of it.  MckMama friended me and Kelle favorited my tweet! :)  I felt like a small celeb! [sad, I know!]  :)
And just to keep it real...
...As I sat down to read the book I noticed my stomach looks bigger today than it did 1 week postpartum
...I made my husband fold the last load of laundry because I read too long and was too tired to do it myself
...I couldn't get my daughter to take a bottle before I left for work this morning
...Right before I left the house I took another look at the rice krispie Easter eggs and they had all fallen apart and looked like crap!  Thank goodness kids eat anything! :)

Guess you can't rock at everything, everyday huh?!  [grin]


  1. Love this post~ I can't wait to get my book, it's ordered!! mom of the year to you lady!!!:)

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I rocked at getting baby stuff done for awhile and homework, then life happened. Oh did life happen. Now I need to get back to the productivity!


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