Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Baby Gear:Teething]

If you're not'll probably want to skip this post. But I've had a lot of people ask me what we love, what we got but never use, etc. So here's the obligatory 'new mama blogger' series! :)

[See Baby Gear:Basics and Baby Gear:Newborn for the beginning of this series]
We're in the heart of teething right now, so this is hot off the press.
Top 5 things to have on hand during teething...
[Amber Necklace] I know it's hard to believe, but I think this purchase has helped her the most.  It's a natural way to help with nasty teething side effects [runny nose, pain, etc.]
[Sophie the Giraffe] SO annoying [nobody told me there are 55468249 squeakers in this toy before I purchased it] but it really is nice.  Plus, when they're not teething they can still use it as an annoying little toy!
[Cold Packs] These are probably the most common thing I see people use.  We have like 5 different shape/sized ones and she likes them.  They're so cold they help with swelling and pain, but she can't won't hold them herself, so they're not the most convenient!
[Teething Tablets] I was reluctant to give these to her at first, but lots of friend recommended them.  I feel like they're instant relief for her.  She usually falls right asleep after she gets one.  Very handy, lots come in the bottle and they're [relatively] cheap.
[Teething Liquid] They're pretty much the same as the teething tablets above, except they're liquid.  you can give these more frequently, but they're more expensive too. 

Any other tricks you've used for teething?

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  1. the amber teething necklace is hands down the best baby perchance we have made. :)


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