Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterday Miss Courtney's youngest [C] was sick with a high fever and red checks.  Of course it was 'just viral' [a mother's most hated phrase] and she offered to keep Jordyn still, but Adam and I decided to keep her away for a bit.  I know she was already exposed [the sucky part about sickness in never know until it's too late] but we would we would give it a day or so.  

Thankfully, even though we don't have grandparents in town, we both have flexible jobs.  I was able to go into the office from 5-10a and Adam went in a little late.  I spent the afternoon working from home and hanging out with two of my favorites!  It was a win for all, well except poor C!  :(  

Grandma J [YAY for Grandparents!] is coming to watch Jordyn & Murdock tomorrow so J doesn't have to go back to daycare until Tuesday [Monday is President's Day & my sister called watching J on her day off].  By then everyone will be healthy again...right?! :)  

Also...not sure if it's because I've been a mom for a while now [ha, like 3 months is a 'while'] or if it's because J is a little older, or maybe I just plain got lucky, but I totally got laundry done, dishes done, my bathtub scrubbed, finished my book, and some photos edited.  I haven't done that much in one day since I delivered Jordyn! :)  #Winning!  

Speaking of editing photos...I'll have to update you all on that soon too.  So new life moto! :)

Feel better soon C!

PS...I have a feeling that 'sick days' when my kid isn't sick are going to be my favorite!! :)

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