Wednesday, February 15, 2012

25 before 26

[Edited: My friend informed me last night that I don't even know my own age am actually turning 26, so this is a 25 before 26 list! :)  FAIL!!]

I have six months from today to accomplish these...

Host a girls night
Make dinner for my hubby
Have a professional photo taken of me
Start a photography website
Take a little family photo

Take Jordyn & Murdock to the park
Finish Jordyn's nursery
Take a vacation
Redecorate my 'dining room' wall
Remodel the bathroom at the lake house [well, get someone to]

Get a blog makeover
Find a piece of artwork for my bedroom wall
Make a Pinterest project
Read Bloom by Kelle Hampton
Clean out my closet

Take another Photography workshop
Buy a backdrop & stands
Take family photos for my mom
Start J a travel portfolio
Have a party at the Lakehouse

Take photos of my family
Go [ice] fishing with my husband
Get/make curtains for the lakehouse
RUN [5k, 8k, or 1/2]
Edit maternity photos & make a photobook!

Most of these are things I look forward to [cleaning the closet...notsomuch!] but I think they're all totally doable in the next six months...we'll see! :)


  1. you can totally do all of that...but don't beat yourself up if you don't. that sweet little girl of yours is such a cute distraction:)

  2. lots of things that are easy to cross off.

    You need to organize them into category's - things that take hours, days, weeks... go from there. Start by figuring out what you can do quickly and set days to do them! The longer projects, set a start time. make yourself accountable... but don't fret - you CAN do them all!


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