Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Perfect Night At The Lakehouse

Last Friday...

It was the perfect night at the lake house.  The night I've been hoping/wishing/dreaming of since we bought the place last June.  I have no real photo to show you, it was one of those memories that would have been ruined by a camera.  But the night will be etched in my mind for a long time!

It was just my little family...Adam, Jordyn, Murdock, & Me.  We picked up a pizza from Pagliai's on the way, so when we walked in the door we dropped everything [cranked the thermometer], started a fire, opened a bottle of wine, & sat on the couch to watch Season 2 SoA.

No work, no visitors [although we love you all!], no stress!  It was the perfect 'first winter we had the lake house' moment'! :)

Now?  Bring on the visitors!  We're ready for sunshine, water, & adult beverages with friends and family!! :)

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