Thursday, February 2, 2012


I'm feeling very random today, so here goes...

We've eaten grilled food for dinner every night this week. And? I'm LOVING it! The past three days have been almost 60* and it’s been great! Such a nice surprise for an Iowa winter.

As much as I loved the sunshine and warmth this week, I’m secretly ecstatic for the possibility of a huge storm this weekend! 8-10 inches are predicted, so we’ll see! :) There would be nothing better than to get to the lake house and getting snowed in for the weekend!! A girl can dream! :)

Adam and I are getting into the Sons of Anarchy series [late, I know!]. We’re finishing season 1 tonight and if all goes as dreamed planned this weekend, maybe we’ll get to watch all of season 2 at the lakehouse with snow falling & the fireplace crackling!

We just booked a vacation with our friend for May…so exciting! We’re going to South Padre Island for a week! :):):) The car ride should be interesting with me little ones! :) So excited to cross Texas off my list of states to travel, can you believe I’ve never been there?!

Work has been so good and so bad at the same time. I’m reminded every day home much a LOVE the student portion of my job. I love that I am busy & I love tackling some of these big projects [with important due dates]. I don’t however love the attitude of my new secretary! :( Things are getting stressful and it’s just so stupid! I wish like crazy I had someone, anyone to relate to at my job. Hopefully they will hire someone under 55 soon…that would be such a breath of fresh air!

I just found out 3 friends [or friends of friends] are expecting. So exciting! :) And another 3 are due this Spring! :) Can’t wait! Plus, I just got invited to my first virtual shower, so cool right? My friend is out of the country with her husband on military duty, so her family is throwing an eShower where we Skype her. Unfortunately, we’re busy that day! Boo. But it sounds super cool!

I’ve had a couple more people ask me to take photos [maternity, birthday, & infant]. Feeling so blessed!! :) Other photo related news…I have about 1653462084086 photos that need editing. Sigh. Maybe I’ll work on them if we’re snowed in this weekend? A girl can dream I guess.  Oh, and have I mentioned that the only thing my husband has been asking me to do since July is to post photos of our lake house?!  ::horrible wife::  :(

Still with me?  Kuddos to you if you are!  One last thought…Pinterest is being stupid and won’t let me repin.  Just 'like'.  ANNOYING!! :(

Okay…Happy Thursday!


  1. i'm excited about the snow too! really excited:) and thank you so much for the sweet words the other day. being a single mama is hard work!!!!

  2. LOVE Sons of Anarchy. Oh Jax. :) You are a great photographer!! :) Lots of babies coming your way, so fun.

  3. When are we getting more info on the lake house? I'm DYING to see it!!!

    South Padre Island sounds like so much fun

  4. Sons of Anarchy can be hard for me to watch sometimes! I'm such a wuss!

  5. :) I'm glad things are looking much better! and it seems like your feeling better as well!

  6. Noooooo...... let's keep the warm winter weather! I am loving your blog, btw :)


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