Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Future BIL Is Going To Be A Dentist...

I'm soo so so excited for my future brother in law, Bradley!!  Monday he was officially accepted into the University of Iowa College of Dentistry!!  

I've already told you how kind & sweet this boy is.  So here's my chance to tell you how stinkin' smart he is!  

He's only TWENTY years old. 2-0.  He's graduating from University of Northern Iowa this Spring with a 3.5+ GPA [Biology w/ a biomedical pre dental focus].  He'll be graduating from Dental school at just 24 years old.  And he'll me married to my baby sister and have 2.5 kids at that time.  I kid!  But seriously he's so smart.  I just hope he remembers...nieces & nephews [& their parents] get free dental work for life! :)

PS...I guess I can't make fun of him for requesting 'American Scientific' magazine for Christmas's totally paying off! :)

Congrats Brad...we couldn't be more proud of you!!  


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