Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brain Dump

Since I seem to have lots on my mind today I thought a brain dump was in order...here goes...

1. A photo of one of my [3] Valentine's is here

2.  My sister came over last night & helped me make treats for Jordyn's daycare today! :)  We made heart shaped brownies & chocolate dipped marshmallows! 

3.  We took Murdock to the vet again last Friday for a recheck.  She reduced his Prednisone significantly [due to long term effects] and his nodgules started coming back.  This is VERY bad news.  I'll have to do a full update soon.
4.  I {love} my new laptop accessory!  

5.  I finally got through all of my work emails [first time since October 2011!]

6.  No worries...I still have this...
7.  I'm reading 'Between Sisters' by Kristin Hannah right now. 

8.  One year ago today I took a pregnancy test which I was sure was negative since I saw just a very faint line and nothing bold.  Oh was I ever wrong...Best wrong I could have been!  Crazy to look at how much our lives have changed in 365 days.  So much more LOVE!! 

9.  Tonight, Adam is making me steak & crab legs.  Mmm!  Perfect meal to enjoy at home with my loves!  If it's anything like last year, it's going to be a good night!  :)

10.  I took photos this weekend for a little girls 1st birthday...can't wait to share a few!! :)

11.  We finished season 3 of Sons...now we wait until the end of AUGUST to watch season 4 before season 5 starts in September.  Talk about suspense!  And the fact that I heard season 5 is the end of the show makes me SAD!  :(

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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  1. Georgia Belle is on long term prednisone, also. She's quite a hefty girl because of it, but if she doesn't take usually 1 pill per day, she will itch till kingdom come. It's either that or the $130 allergy pill that she'll have to have every day for 30 days (!!!! crazy!!!) and then once a month after. I hope Murdock gets better soon and that you guys find something that works out!


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