Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year|New Resoluations

Sidenote: This also marks 2 years that I have been blogging...whoa!  In case you're like me & enjoy reflecting on old posts... here are my 2010 Resolutions and 2011 Resolutions.

I was pretty successful with my home & personal goals for 2011, but failed miserably with my travel & financial goals.  I even crossed a few things off my bucket list this year [becoming a mama, purchasing a lake house, & traveling to South Carolina].

Here are my goals for 2012...

Remodel the bathroom at the lake house
Update the siding & windows at the lake house

Chicago - Cubs Game
Minnesota - Vikings Game
Iowa City - Iowa Game

Pay off my Student Loan
Pay off medical bills

Delete bad photos & organize photos when I upload them 
Continue to improve my camera skills

Start Running again
Let grudges go!
Run 100 miles in 2012
Loose 20 lbs.

Have a date night at least once a month
Take a dance class & cooking class 

Since my main priority for 2012 is to pay off debt & save money I also have a quarterly plan...
Month 1 [4 & 7 & 10] No Manicures/Pedicures
Month 2 [5 & 8 & 11] No Manicures/Pedicures or Eating Out
Month 3 [5 & 9 & 12] No Manicures/Pedicures or Eating Out and No fun purchases [better plan ahead for Christmas!]

What are your resolutions {goals} for 2011?


  1. I have LOTS of "aspirations" for 2012! :-) I love your list.
    This is mine:

    There are alot of them, but I think I can do the majority of them.

    As for your financial goals, I was wondering if you've heard of Dave Ramsey. My husband and I "worked his plan" starting January 2010 and paid off our last debt in June 2011! We were able to pay off over $25,000 in debt! The book is The Total Money Makeover. I know you read alot, but if you are interested in possibly changing (for good) this part of your life, I highly recommend it.

    Good luck with your goals this year! I know you can accomplish them!!

  2. Can I say, I can't imagine eating out for a month, or a week... it's my favorite thing to do!

    And congrats on everything, she is beautiful. Even if 2011 ended a bit rough, you have a wonderful addition for 2012 that makes it all worth it.


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