Monday, January 9, 2012

Single Mama

WOW!  It's 8:47.  I'm in bed...totally exhausted with an aching back and throbbing head.  Tonight I was a single mom.  Just a couple of hours actually.  While Adam went to play poker with the boys.  And boy oh boy did I get a reality check!

The stove is sizzling over, Murdock keeps nudging be for food, the dryer is buzzing, the baby is crying,  my phone is going off, and a sink FULL [if you don't believe me, you didn't see the photo I posted to Twitter last night!] of bottles.  Honestly that was all going on at the same time here tonight.  Madness!

I didn't get the carpet vacuumed, the bassinet taken down, the laundry done, or our icky microwave cleaned out like I had planned to do tonight.  But?  I needed this.  And Adam did too.  It reminded me just how thankful I am to have Adam here to help me every night.  To help me divide things up.  He cooks..I clean up.  I bathe Jordyn...he lotions and dresses her.  I pick up and prep for the next day...he feeds our baby her evening bottle.

I need to appreciate him more.  When I'm feeling like I do everything to keep this house going...I must remember I have a husband who gets our baby up, dressed, fed and to daycare and our puppy fed, medicated. taken out, and kenneled and himself together all before 8:30am every.single.morning!

I'm SO blessed!  Even if my chores will be waiting for me when I leave for work at 4:30a and I get home from work at 4:30p.  :)

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  1. Ah what a sweet post. You guys are a great team!!


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