Friday, September 30, 2011

48 Hours [w/ Aunt Abby]

Last Thursday we went to the lakehouse for the weekend, which is the same town that all of Adam's family lives.  We didn't have plans to remodel anything at the lakehouse, so we filled out weekend with Aunt/Uncle duties! :)  I had so much fun soaking up some 'just being an aunt' time.  As much as I can say things wont change after we have a little one of our own, I know they will, so I wanted to enjoy this last weekend as much as I could.  Here's a little peak of our first 48 hours...

Thursday night...

Aliya's Volleyball Game

Murdock Rides while daddy and uncle Adam seed the grass

Friday [skipping daycare!]...

Paper Chain Countdown [until Baby H arrives]
Dance Parties

Lunch on the floor

Bug Collecting

Bug Analyzing 
Mya's Guitar Solo [after the peprally]

Park time..


Pet Love
Molly & Murdock
Painting Grandma's Resturant

Football with Uncle Adam
Vanessa's Homecoming Dance

Not pictured this weekend...naps, book reading, Vanessa cheering at the Homecoming football game, digging Grandpa's duck pond, attending a friend's baby shower, impromptu football party, & deck building at Uncle Dude's house.

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  1. umm... Best weekend ever!!!!!

    And I really, really, really want that homecoming dress


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