Monday, April 18, 2011


Wow!  Brain overload, so here come the bullets!

After working almost 14 hours today, I can honestly say I don't know how people do it!  I am EX.HAUST.ED!

So blessed to read that everything looks good with Kate's pregnancy

I feel like we've been go, go, go...I want another weekend!

I attended a top talent program at work tonight and learned just how much of a commitment it will be for the next two years.  I hope to post about it soon.

I'm almost finished with my book...two chapters left.  Do I have it in me tonight?

My sister passed her Life & Health exam for work this morning.  SO EXCITED for her!  She's so smart, but I know this test was tough.  She's taking no break before starting her Series 6 [I think!] exam in just 3 weeks!  Go Ash!

Our friends J&K had their baby!  They also decided to be surprised by the gender.  They welcomed a healthy little BOY yesterday!  We can't wait to meet you little Thomas!  :)

I have tons of posts in my mind, hopefully I'll get some written out tomorrow.  Or at least post our ultrasound photos!  :)  

How was your Monday?!

Alright...I'm calling it a night.  Peace out!


  1. Congrats to your sister! I'm studying for my Life & Health right now & take my test on May 3rd. I'm so unmotivated to finish studying!

  2. My Monday was very nice, but very uneventful. :)

    Congratulations to your sister and your friends!


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