Monday, January 17, 2011

Perfect Weekend [+skiing+photos!]

[in an effort to keep things light after the last post and before the next post-Murdocks vet is our weekend recap..]

a little family
a little friends
a little us..

I worked a bit.  Got everything switched to my new office.  Maybe I'll take photos.  A speeding ticket later, my sister arrived safely to stay.  We ate yummy quesadillas on our 'free day' and called it a night.

We watched my friends little man for a few hours.  He 'no like dudock.'  For you non baby speakers he wasn't a fan of Murdock!  Around noon we [Adam, Ashley, & myself] headed to SevenOaks to go skiing for the afternoon.  Ashley headed back home after skiing and we stopped home to recharge before headed back out to our friend Eric's going away party.

We slept in.  Enjoyed mimosas for breakfast.  Did laundry.  Read.  Watched TV.  I painted my toes & fingers.  Looked at magazines.  Ordered Pizza in.  Watched Football.  Uploaded & edited photos.  Enjoyed steak & potatoes for supper.

we had another perfect weekend!


  1. The picture of you with the face thing on is awesome!!! Your eyes are sooooo BLUE!!!

    So the weekend sounded like a ton of fun...except the speeding ticket :(

    I busted my a$$ this morning coming to work. It snowed last night and there is pure ice underneath the snow and I took one step and went flying!! I think it would have been pretty funny to see :) I was only one of many at work here who fell so I don't feel so bad LOL.

    Have a great Monday and take pics of your new office!!

  2. Great pics! I agree..the one with your face covered is awesome.

    I have never gone skiing. I'm afraid I'd be like the cartoons when I fall...rolling and rolling and turning into a gigantic rolling snowball.

  3. Love the second photo best!!! Looks like fun!!

  4. You look so cute in the complete face cover ;)

  5. 1. Those types of Sunday are the best.
    2. I love your new layout/header (have I been living under a rock?
    3. I'm so jealous you got to go skiing! But I don't know how I would've handled 7 degrees!! The closest places to ski from here are 6 hours away and the coldest it ever gets is in the 30s! I was supposed to go to Michigan with Josh in Feb to see his family & ski, and I'm not gonna lie - I was terrified of the cold! Thankfully our trip was pushed to the summertime instead!

  6. Your Sunday sounds absolutely perfect. :)

  7. Love the pics! And..I agree about those pretty blue eyes! :)

  8. GRR--Mr State Trooper did NOT make my day! I had a blast skiing with you though:) Email me a few photos if you would pretty please!!


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