Friday, January 14, 2011

Partied Out! [for a good cause though]

Wow...those are words I never thought I would write.  Afterall, I love all things party!  Party planning, party invites, party decorations, party food...oh my love for some party food, party drinks, party people...the list goes on.  Parties are awesome!  I have ALWAYS [seriously 100%] attended the party or at the very least ordered something.  My mama taught me that's what you do.  I was a sales rep for Silpada Designs.  I know how these things work and I'm overall happy to go support my friends/family with their goal, even if it may not be my favorite product.  I love to go and get gifts for others.  
However [this is part where it gets ugly!] 
In a span of 30 days I have been invited to
..a Silpada Party
..a Pure Romance Party
..a Pampered Chef Party
..a ThirtyOne Party
..a Gold Canyon Party
..another ThirtyOne Party

The truth is...I can't do it.  Financially is can't happen right now, I don't have it in my budget.  With the added expense of Murdock's excessive tests and treatment [post to come..] and the Christmas Gift/Trip we're taking with our neices & nephews it just isn't an option right now.  Even if I spent only $30 [which we all know is nearly impossible with shipping!] at each party I would spend over $200 in party expenses this month.  

So...what I have come up with?  Decline all the parties & donate a fraction of what I'm saving myself.  I know...I'm already contradicting myself, but I felt it in my heart to take this route.  I'm sure the hostesses will understand.  Because quite frankly I don't have the heart [note:willpower!] to go to a party and not order something [it's a personal thing, but I have always found it weird!] so I will stay home.  It kills me inside, but it's what I have to do this month.  I guess there is a first for everything.

Where did I donate my savings?  Here!  This little girl is turning 1 on the 22nd of January and her mom [a favorite blogger of mine] is doing a ONEderful thing!  In support of her daughter Nella & the other 400,000  Americans with Down Syndrome [including my cousin, Sheri], she has started a ONEder fund to raise money for the National Down Syndrome Society.  Just 7 days ago she posted this fabulous idea on her blog and shared her goal of raising $15,000 by asking her readers to donate just $5 [the cost of a magazine at the grocery store].  Since then she has raised her goal TWICE because we have [to present time!] raised $58,775!  In just 7 days [with 8 days until Nella's 1st Birthday] Kelle's readers have raised nearly $60,000!  So...If you have it in your budget this month and would like to support a ONEderful here!  I know she would appreciate it!  No matter if you donate or not, I encourage you to watch her heart-filled video to you!

Have a blessed weekend all!


  1. So I am guessing your RSVP is a big fat NO to my Pampered Chef party!! :) ha!

  2. Awww, Abby you're so sweet. I love that blog as well.

    I'm having a Pampered Chef party next week and it truly will not bother me if people come and don't order, I just want to enjoy the people coming to the party. That being said, I know exactly how you feel as well.

    Hope Murdock's okay.

  3. I heart parties too!!

    Stop on by my blog: I am hosting a book club!! :-) I would love for you to join!! :-)

  4. I can't go to a party without ordering something either. It is just weird and I always feel awful if I don't order something :(

    How awesome that all that money has been raised in such a short time!!! People are amazing!!!


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