Friday, January 7, 2011

Just Today..

Wow...another week gone.  I guess when you're busy every night through the week you don't have much time to blog.'s a post to play catch up...  

Outside my's very windy with just a touch of snow
The time is..5:59pm
Today I feel..I was grumpy earlier, but happy that it's Friday
I am thinking..I hope the baby shower I'm throwing tomorrow is great.
At the moment, I am thankful..for snuggling on the couch with Adam, Murdock, a glass of wine, & the fireplace!
I am buy a gift before the shower tomorrow [yikes!  I'm just a little late with this...]
I am wearing..jeans and a hoodie
I wish..I I didn't have to get a crown next week!
I am reading..Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster
I am working on..a parting with old stuff...I never thought I was bag at this...until lately! :(
I am get in shape this Spring!
I am hearing..Law & Order and the dryer
I bet you didn't entire mouth was dumb for 5 hours today!  Cavities filled at the dentist :(  
One of my favorite..things I purchased this week was a memory foam mattress pad...SO WORTH IT!!!

Have a spectacular weekend everyone!


  1. I don't blame you for being grumpy, dental work will do that to you.

    Have fun tomorrow.

  2. I hate the dentist :( I need 2 crowns but they are so dang expensive that they are gonna have to wait....I have broken one of the teeth since I moved here and had to have it fixed costing me 1/4 of the price of the crown and it is only temporary :(

    Have fun at the baby shower tomorrow!!

  3. I dunno if I have said it but I am loving your blog, the header is really cute!! I think I like the white backgrounds makes it easier to read.

  4. I love Jen Lancaster! Haven't been able to get one of her books, but I follow her blog :)

  5. uggg...the dentist! You have a right to be grumpy, my dear!
    Have fun at your baby shower!


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