Monday, January 10, 2011

half full..

I'm choosing to look at the glass half full tonight so...instead of dwelling on my bad day I'll share the good parts.

My boss called to tell me the roads were bad and she was concerned about me driving so I should leave early.
My husband learned and sang me a new song tonight!
I had a great workout
I'm at Buffalo wild wings watching the ducks game instead of sitting on the couch. Yay for getting out!

And hopefully ill get a snow day (or at the very least a mental health day!) Tomorrow!

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  1. Aww, glad for the half-fulls, but there's definitely part of the story missing. (((hugs))) for that.

  2. Good way to change a crappy day! Enjoy the game and smile!!!

  3. That's nice that your boss was actually concerned about your safety :)

  4. I'm sorry that your day sucked but I am glad that you are trying to look at the bright side :) Sometimes that is really hard to do! I hope you get your snow day today and get the day to rest!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  5. Sounds like a great day to me! not sure what could bring you down after going out for drinks, a song from your husband and an awesome boss. :)

  6. Sometimes I have to do the same thing...hang in there!

  7. I hope you've had a better day today!

  8. My husband had off 2 and a half days due to weather. I know a half if crazy. Plus he is off Friday. It is going to be a great day. I love the idea of a mental health day


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