Monday, December 6, 2010

Sleepless Nights

Adam will be getting up in about 2 hours to go hunting for the weekend, so I'm going to wait and post this next week.  I'm sure none of you want to track me down and grab me, but I would rather be safe than sorry.  So you'll read this post then..]

It's 2:17am
I'm wide awake
I've been awake since...well since I went to bed
I actually dozed off for a bit when Adam was awake, but since he came to bed I'm awake.  
It's like it's my 'shift'...even though there are no shifts.

Four [of our 6] nieces and nephews are here to hang out for the weekend
That's why I'm awake
As far back as I can remember I haven't been able to sleep when I'm responsible for someone else's children
Wether it be a night, weekend, or even a week
I doze in and out if the kids are sleeping with me, but other than that I just pace from room to room and then the doors
Checking to make sure the kids are breathing, comfortable, and they doors and windows are locked
Our nieces and nephews are sleeping in bundles, two in the living room, two in the spare room
At 9, 10, 13, & 14...they're too old to sleep with their Aunt now
So I'm constantly pacing and making sure they aren't sleepwalking or trying to reach a water glass that is way to high in our non-kid-friendly house
It's those things that keep me up

Does this happen to anyone else when they have other children over?  Am I crazy?

I remember when I was a kid
my mom heard everything
seriously a sneeze from the basement and she was down there
now that we're all grown up [or at least graduated] she sleeps through everything
is this something that will last until my [future] babies are raised? 

oh I'm just scaring myself


  1. LOL - you will only get worse with your own kids ;)

    I'm not sure if (or) when it goes away!

  2. When I had my boys I used to wake up to every little noise they made and I used to wake up to check if they were breathing. It's funny cause I sleep like a rock now but the littlest thing and I am awake....the best part is, I can fall right back to sleep 99% of the time :)


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