Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[42 Minutes]

A few weeks back
during girls weekend
[which on a side note...this girl..sent me the cutest handwritten thank you for!]
a couple of the girls stayed over
and we went shopping on Sunday

The girls that stayed over are all single & younger than me
It got me thinking
thinking about the differences
the changes
some little, some big

But the one I found the most humorous
was the 'getting ready' process that morning
See these girls [young & carefree...oh how I used to be!] spent their 42 minutes prepping 
perfect makeup
adorable clothes
checking facebook
chatting & laughing

I spent my 42 minutes
feeding Murdock
flipping the clothes from the washer to the dryer
folding & putting away the clothes laying in the dryer
taking Murdock outside
unloading & reloading the dish washer
picking up from the night before
oh...and switching from my pajamas to some jeans and throwing my hair in a pony tail as I walked out the door

I'm not complaining...I love my life...and I really [truly from the bottom of my heart] enjoy 'taking care of people' & doing homemaker things
I just forgot what it was like to not HAVE to do these things each morning
It made me smile

Now...I wouldn't have it any other way!!


  1. I totally agree! I keep thinking. The only time I have to myself is on my drive to work. Otherwise I am taking care of Avery, working, or doing house work..even when I sleep I still am on standby for if I hear Avery:) BUT..I wouldn't change it for anything. We should plan a fun short girls night or weekend. Somewhere away, a fun hotel, shopping, dinner, drinks out, and then a good nights sleep...then come home! :) When I am ready to be a night away from Avery of course!: ) ha!

  2. LOL - I don't even play homemaker and I take... 5-7 minutes to get ready! I hope I never lose that about me!

  3. I have forgotten those days. Now it is a few minutes in the morning to throw on clothes and makeup.

  4. Some of us don't choose this carefree lifestyle missy. We can't all be as lucky as you :)

  5. Oooohhh....I have never had a life were I wasn't taking care of someone else. But I have to say that if I didn't have to take care of someone else I would probably have slept those 42 minutes away and then got up brushed my teeth and got dressed LOL.

  6. Aa we grow up out lives change, its kinda crazy to see how our priorities change.

  7. I'm trying to balance both ends of the spectrum now! I've never been late for work so much in my life, haha. :-)

  8. I used to spend an hour figuring out what to wear.

    Now I've realized I look best when I put little effort into it. Little makeup, simple but pretty clothes, let my hair dry on its own... good to go :)

  9. For me, it's about when did life become such a huge RUSH. I hate that. Can't figure out how to change it, but I hate it.

  10. Yes, it's been my experience that it's best not to remember...

  11. Haha. This reminds me of myself and so many of my friends. They all take forever and are so carefree and I can get ready so quickly. It's not that I don't care, I have just adapted to it with my lifestyle and having so much to do all the time. I wouldn't change my life though, not for a second :)


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