Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm headed to Chicago

I'm headed to Chicago!

I'm headed to Chicago!!

okay...that's only really fun if you can hear me sing it! :)
the windy city
my favorite big city
the city I once thought [now a distant dream] that I would life in

I'm currently on my way there
I thought about going alone
you cross off that 'take a vacation alone' line on this list
but I chickened out
& asked my mom to come with me
so...she did what any other only the best mom would do
she said sure! & took off work
to make the 10 hour drive
with me

so we're headed out for a mother daughter weekend
just the two of us
in the city

chat later!


  1. so jealous!! have a blast there - Chicago is one of my favorite cities EVER!!!

  2. Have fun!!! Now I really wish I was still there so I could meet you!!! Go eat at Harold's Chicken and Baba's....those are my favorite two places to eat in Chicago :) Harold's put this red sauce on their chicken and fries and it is sooooo good and then Baba's (famous for their lemonade) makes really good steak sandwiches and their lemonade is the best :)

    Have fun and take lots of pics to share with us :)

  3. I love Chicago! We went this past spring, and I've been thinking about going back a lot lately!

    Although I might wait until it's slightly warmer...!

  4. Have so much fun! I have never been to Chicago, but one of my good friends from my undergrad moved there.


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