Wednesday, December 8, 2010

[333 miles from home]

I'm typing this up in word and pasting it in later, because the wifi on our bus [yes I said bus!] isn't working and I lent my wireless card to a girl hoping to do homework.  I figured that her homework was more important than my blogging! :)  We're about 4 hours into our 6 hour [ 333 mile] travel.  I remembered just why I fly.  Granted 6 hours isn't that much, but I've already ate a Panera bagel, listened to my iPod, caught up on my blog reading, done 7 Suduko puzzles, texted, & chatted...I'm about to eat my Jimmy Johns sub now.  Can we just be there already...before I'm 109873409 pounds?! :)  

Funny story though..we stopped to pick up other passengers in Iowa City and took off.  About a block after we took off we see a girl running alongside the bus.  Yep...she almost missed it.  We had to stop and grab her and her luggage.  She was quite embarrassed.  Good times! :)  


  1. The bus eh?? I have never taken a bus but I guess it beats driving yourself huh!?!?! It sounds like you are having a good time though :) Hugs from across the ocean!!

  2. I took the bus once, greyhound, from Minneapolis to... Milwaukee. It is the sole reason I learned how to knit, so that next time I took a bus, I'd have something to do. However, I haven't taken a bus since, and that was probably 7-9 years ago! LOL

  3. We went to Chicago earlier this year; I think I mentioned that before! We're also 6 hours from Chicago, but in the other direction!

    We took the MegaBus. We left Cleveland at about 1:00 a.m. We slept on the bus!

    Luckily our new car was in Chicago, and we drove ourselves home!


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