Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mishmash! Weekend Recap & I need your help! :)

We're heading back home from a whirlwind trip to my hometown.  The Hubs is driving so I can blog.  Thank goodness for wireless internet! :)

What an ugly weekend for our sports teams!  Loss [Iowa] & Loss [Vikings]! Ekk! :(

Friday night we had tickets to go see Lifehouse, but decided to stay in.  It was cold & rainy so we just rented 'Grown Ups' off the DVR and ordered pizza in.  It was great.  

Saturday was a huge lounge day!  Since I had cleaned the house like crazy Friday I just say on the couch and bummed all day.  It was lovely.  I think I watched 13 recorded episodes of Law & Order!  That afternoon Adam had to work for a while, but when he got done we decided to head home early instead of waiting until Sunday morning.  I'm still debating wether this was a good idea or not.  Saturday night we had fun chatting and playing games, but we didn't sleep with a hoot!  We went to bed a little after midnight and all was well until Murdock had to go out at 4am [okay, fine].  Take him out and he thinks it morning.  So...for the next 4 hours he paced around, licked/scratched himself, and nudged me to get up with him.  Sorry pooch...not happening!  So sleep was brutal last night!  Guess I wont have a hard time falling asleep tonight! :)

Speaking of Murdock...all signs looking like we'll be taking a trip to the vet lab for allergy testing.  Ugh!  :(

I've got several Christmas gifts purchased, wrapped, and ready to go.  We pretty much just need to get the Hubs parents done now.

Only 12 days until shopping with my fam...pretty excited for that.  I can't believe we're gearing up for another round of the holidays already!  

Spent the day with my grandma today...full post to come.  Well...hopefully.  I still haven't even posted about Mexico.  I promise we did go!  :)

It is supposed to get cold here this week.  We had our first flurries this morning.  Not sure how ready I am! :/

Trying to think of NYE plans...any ideas?!

Speaking of help from you guys...anybody have some unique 'grab bag' gift ideas?  We have to get 3 of them this year [2 unisex, 1 female].  Taking all suggestions! :)

Hope you all had a fabulous Weekend!

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  1. No idea on the grab bag, sorry. Not even sure what that means.

    Sorry about Murdock. Not good (or cheap!).

    AS far as the sleeping, he was just getting you ready for when you travel with kids. ;)


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