Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Thursday!

Sorry for the delay this morning...I'm rocking a hangover like a 16 year old! :(

[Okay...I'm taking out the 'Around the House' question.  I don't know about you guys but it's usually the same every week for me]

Outside my window.. HOT!  106*

The time is.. 10:19 am
Today I feel.. like death! :(
I am thinking.. I cannot believe I did this to myself.  I do it about twice a year and for some reason I chose a Wednesday night this time?!
At the moment, I am thankful.. the last few days of summer fun..oh and ibuprofen&acid pills! :)
I am going.. to girls night tonight...hangover or not!
I am wearing.. jeans and a gray tank with black flower pins
I wish.. I were more responsible last night..I guess you only get one birthday week a year though
I am reading.. just finished 'The Last Song' by Nicholas Sparks and am starting 'Size 14 is not fat either' 
I am working on.. my to do list
I am hoping.. this rain ends soon.  Flooding has closed down the interstate and has flooded several towns!
I am hearing.. the girls 'doing my hair'
I bet you didn't know.. I tend to get sad on my birthdays now
One of my favorite.things to buy is home decorations
My weekend plans include.. seeing my family, traveling with Adam's band, and celebrating my birthday

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  1. Are you celebrating your Birthday the whole week!?!?! I love it!! The older I get the more blah I am on my Birthdays!! Something bad usually happens on or around my birthday so now I am always on alert and waiting for something bad to happen.

    Have a great day and I hope you feel better soon :o)

  2. Bah - hungover on a Thursday! Haven't done that since college. Wednesday was "Drink & Drown" -- we paid a $4 cover charge and then paid nothing to drink allllllll night long.


    Glad I don't do that any more!

  3. LOL...hung over on a Thursday. THAT is partying like a rock star. Nothing worse than having to watch little ones with a hangover.

  4. Stopping in from... I can't remember where, but i stumbled upon you somehow and I'm a sucker for blogs about newlyweds with fur kids (i'm one of them!)

    Feel better soon! :P At least you had fun... right?

  5. Sounds like this weekend will be fun!

    Your outfit sounds casual but cute, too!


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