Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When God, When?!

Ugh!  So I know I wasn't going to post about this topic anymore but I guess I lied.  It's my blog...I can do what I want!  :)


..is the right time to sell a condo
..is the right time to move [away...far away!]
..is the time to buy a house [a real one...to live in forever and ever!]
..to start making a family
..to get a job [and keep it...not for just a year!]
..to feel like an adult [not like when you turn 18.. really feel like an adult]

I'm so overwhelmed right now!  All these questions and nobody telling me what to do!  When my mom was this age she had 2 children, was buying a house [that she's lived in since], and working a job [that she has now had for 24 years!] 

I wish life had an instruction manual..


  1. My advice is this: if you don't have to move for a good reason (job transfer, illness in family, etc.) do not sell if you're going to lose money. When you sell, you should break even, including your original down payment, at the very least.

    A friend of mine was desperate to sell her condo because she hated the area and thought it was too small (a 2 bedroom) now that she had a baby. The market is awful, they had to list it below what they bought it for a few years ago, and in the end, they had to take $40,000 to closing to get rid of it. They basically paid someone to buy their condo.

    Ride it out for now - I'm doing the same thing. We live in a 700 sq foot 1 bedroom and I'm having a baby in 5 months. I would love to have a nursery and more space but the fact of the matter is, we don't need to move so we're staying here and making it work until we can get a decent price for our place.

    As for the other dilemmas, you're young, you're in love, you have a great dog. Instead of thinking about living in one house forever, or having one permanent job, concentrate on how fortunate you are to have a "forever" partner. The two of you will be your "forever", regardless of jobs, houses, etc. There's nothing wrong with working a new job each year, if it keeps you fresh and alert. Take this time to travel and have adventures! You're tied down to one another and that can be enough for now!

    Best of luck!!

  2. You can't compare your life to how your moms was at your age. Things will fall into place when they are supposed to. :)

  3. I wouldn't worry about it.

    Maybe I've been living around Mexicans for too long, but my experience is that no matter how much you plan, nothing every turns out how you thought.

    The best thing (in my opinion) is to always just go with the flow. You'll just KNOW when the right house/time to sell/time to conceive comes along.

    I would get on that job search though! The rest won't come easily without some money coming in :) if you can't find something you enjoy, maybe you should start up a business you're passionate about. now's the time!

  4. I'm totally in the same place as you! Why did no one tell me that being in your twenties really means waiting in limbo until you get to your next goal. I'd love to just have all the answers now! I'm not that patient of a person...

  5. Ouch, stop stressing too much about being one 'a certain place in your live' versus someone else. I'm with the above commenter, it will all into place when it's suppose to.

    You have your entire life. No need to rush.

  6. I know how you feel!!! I wish I was there to give you a hug. When I turned 25 I had a midlife crisis and moved to a different country and started a new life because I felt like I wasn't doing anything good with my life as it was at that moment. It was a great move and I will never regret it.

    I hope you figure out what you want and I hope it makes you happy.


  7. PS...what commenter of the week are you talking about???

  8. Ok...so you get 3 comments from me again :o) I saw that I was commenter of the week on Keely's blog :o) I feel so special...that just made my day :o)


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