Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So much has went on since my last post..this will be all over the place so hang on!

..We had dinner with Adam's sister Alicia & her husband tonight.  They came to town to run some errands and called us up.  It was such a nice surprise...we enjoyed chatting with them & of course dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings!

..I ate out last night too.  My parents took me to a local restaurant back home..soo yummy!

..While back home I ran in the morning with my sister Ashley and then before bed with my other sister Alicia.  It's so fun to bond while running.  I'm really excited to do the 5k with them Saturday!

..Speaking of running..I have 18 people entered in my giveaway right now..I'm pretty excited about that..keep 'em goes until Saturday!

..In case you missed my last post..yes, I did end up running my first 5k ever last Saturday.  I'm so glad I did it.

..We had such an amazing weekend!  Finally we were able to catch up with so many friends and was great!  We stayed in Monte Friday thru Monday and I went back home with Murdock Monday through today.

..It's been raining like crazy really needs to stop...SOON!  I drove in the worst rain ever today on the interstate..not fun!!

..I got everything done from my to-do list except applying for jobs and listing somethings on Craigslist which I hope to do after changing the oil in the car, giving Adam a haircut, and getting the carpets cleaned [tomorrow].  Should be another busy day!

..Yesterday was a great day.  I found out I won a $60 giftcard from Nikki's blog & I also received my wine stopper in the mail from Ashley! Today I got my photobook of family photos in the mail!

..I should really add some of the 1000 photos that I took this weekend to make this post more interesting but I'm really lazy tonight since dinner!

..My friend from high school was sentenced to 22 months in Federal Prison today for some changes a couple years back.  Really sad for her 13 month old baby girl.  

..So many of these blurps could really be there own post but I'm just so behind now they're all getting thrown into one!

..Okay I'll sneak a few photos in...Come back tomorrow for Just Thursday!


  1. Sounds like you have been busy busy!! :)

  2. Very busy. Your to-do list is exhausting.

    My heart is breaking for your friend's baby. I hope your friend can use this to make positive changes in her life so she never has to do this to her baby again.

    Good luck job hunting. No fun, is it?


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