Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Thursday!

Outside my window.. it is HOT & sunny!
The time is.. 8:57am
Today I feel.. happy
I am thinking.. should I run the 5K this weekend or not?!
At the moment, I am thankful.. that I only have 2 kids to watch this afternoon & tomorrow...what a break! :)
I am going.. 2 30th Birthday Parties this weekend!
I am wearing.. linen shorts & a coral shirt

I wish.. I could drop 15 pounds without changing anything! :)
I am reading.. Undomestic Goddess but I really need to get [& read] the 2 books for book club by next week!
I am working on.. de-cluttering the house!
I am hoping.. to try out a new wading pool with the girls today
I am hearing.. kids bickering :)
Around the house.. I'm packing the kids for their weekend away
I bet you didn't know.. I have lost 7 followers in just over a week... :/
One of my favorite.. things to do is host a giveaway!  I promise to have it up by this weekend!

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Have a great Thursday 



  1. 7 followers!!! They were no good anyway :o(

    Thanks for letting me know the link was up :o)

    I just found a website called where she teaches you how to clean/declutter your home and keep it that way. I loved looking through her website and can't wait to try it out.

    Have a great Thursday!!!

  2. Wow a 5k!? that sounds awesome, Good Luck! I'm thinking about doing a 4k one, and working up to it. I've been running 1.5 miles 4 days a week. We'll see, 4 just seems like so much right now. Happy thursday to you too!

    ps I'm still your follower!! :)

  3. I left you a comment just a moment ago and I dunno if it went through??? :o( I am gonna check to see if this one works!

  4. Never mind I guess the comments are just taking a moment to go through :o) Now you have 3 comments from me :o)


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