Thursday, July 1, 2010

::gIvEaWaY tImE::

I'm sure most of you know by now that I have been [attempting] to run lately.  My sisters and I are running our first 5k together on July 10th!  I cannot wait!  Pray for good weather & no injuries! 
Anyways..back to running..I've been investing in some running essentials.  Here are some of my favorites [from the top down]..

*Must have the rubber gripping*
::iPod & Arm Band::
*What is RoadID?  It's a bracelet with important information for anyone in case of an emergency.  A must have for any outdoor running/walker*
*Ahh my love/hate relationship with my Nike+!  It does offer great flexibility in your running route [when it works! :]
I <3 my Asics running shoes!

On to the giveaway..
RoadID gave a bracelet to me & one of my lucky readers!
To enter leave a comment below with a 'running essential' of yours [along with your email address so I can contact you!]
Giveaway goes until Raceday [July 10th @ 7:30pm Central time]
Any US reader may enter [preferably a follower of my blog too!]  One entry per person please.


  1. i LOVE this giveaway!! Even if I cannot run at the time being, I can always dream of the day that I can get back out there! I've been seriously wanting a RoadID! I love my asics too, and my nike+. I also cannot run without my asics padded wicking running socks. They are A-mazing!! And I have to have my Body Glide so I don't get blisters on my feets! :)

  2. This would be AMAZING for me considering I do most of my running in the evening, and don't carry anything with me! My must have are my Asics running shoes. I used to wear Nike, but once I tried my Asics, I was a convert!

  3. awesome giveaway!! my must have is a great playlist on my ipod. i don't know how i ever worked out before without one, it's so much easier with pump-me-up songs.


  4. This is a really good giveaway idea! My must have would definitely have to be my ipod and armband. I ran without my ipod a few times and it was TORTURE! I zone out a lot on runs and it's easier to do so with music... Also, I love my armband because I was running for about a month without one and it was hard to have to hold my ipod while I ran... Sooo nice not to have to do that now!

  5. My have to have is a good sports bra. Sometimes two of them. I am a large chested girl and the girls can hurt sometimes! So that is my all time essential!

  6. My first essential are my Mizuno Wave Rider 13 shoes. Used to be an Asic's girl but after getting fitted at a running store, Asics were the worst shoe for my high arches. Love my new shoes as they are so light and not as "clunky" as my old ones.

    My other essential is the newest Ipod Nano. I love having the option of listening to the radio and not only my playlist...keeps me more entertained and not as focused on suffering through my run!

    Would love this ID Bracelet...was thinking about ordering one but wasn't 100% sure. I always run alone near a larger city on trails so it would be smart to have!

  7. I'd love this for my chicklet - Yell is an avid runner (going for 100mi this summer)! Her essential is a sleeveless t-shirt, and an inhaler! She takes 2 hits of albuterol 30 minutes before she runs & has no troubles. If she doesn't, her run ends after about 15 minutes!

  8. I would say my running essentials are my fabulous tight running shorts and my baggy ones over them and my sports bar tank top...with the pod to keep me going!!!

    I CAN NOT wait to start running again...I am planning to run a half marathon at some point in the next year or so!

  9. What a cool item for the road!!! I'm always so paranoid when out by myself. My essential for running (or walking as I don't run much) is my i-pod and beautiful scenery!

  10. My running essential is my Bondi Band. I can't run with any other headband. I love my New Balance shoes!! I love the road ID, I'm very nervous when I run by myself (or with my son in his stroller) and have no identification...

  11. Fantastic giveaway, thank you lady! I cannot run without my Ipod...literally, it's impossible, haha. That & my LIVESTRONG bracelet :-)


  12. My first running essential is my ipod. I cannot run without it. My second is a good sports bra that has just enough room for me to squeeze my inhaler into it.

  13. I love running, and need to do more of it! I love having my ipod with me while I run, makes the time go by fast! Pick ME!! :-)

  14. My essential is good running shoes~ I had asics which I absolutely loved! but i bought some adidas running shoes on sale and they are great too!


  15. I can *not* wait to have this baby so I can start running again, I'm hoping to do a 5K in Sept., maybe I'm a little crazy though.

    You list is pretty much the same as mine; even down to the shoes and hair tie ;)

    This entry is for my husband though, the mountain biker, because I'm too chicken to run where people aren't plentiful!

  16. Wow, what a cool giveaway! I totally want one of these, I run alot!

    My essential is my Ipod Shuffle with Motion Traxx podcasts!

  17. Kudos to you and your running goals! It's awesome!

    I am trying to get back into running and cycling at present, and I must admit I am struggling. I especially get nervous cycling by myself on the road... The Road ID sounds like a smart move for both solo runs and cycles!

    My running essentials are my tried and true Asics shoes (is there any better brand?), my iPOD nano and armband motivating me with my favorite tunes, and ThorLo socks. I used to have problems with blisters, but these socks have really made a difference.

    Good luck with your running goals, and thanks for a chance to win a cool running and cycling accessory that could save a life!

  18. Tony and I have always talked about getting one of these, but haven't!

    My essential is a pair running tights. Gotta keep everything nice and compact!

  19. My iPod is my running essential! =) Email is in my profile.

  20. My running essential is a good pair of running shorts! They have to be really light and comfy!



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