Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sneak Peek Photo #1

Anyone that reads my blog knows that Adam has booked us a trip to Mexico for our 1st Anniversary [I'll spell that out for Monica..not Annual...Anniversary! :] 

The location in Mexico is a surprise to me!


each month on the 23rd he is going to send me a new photo of our destination!

Want to see Sneak Peek Photo #1?




Don't those 'double swings' look soo comfortable?!  
I cannot wait to have my boo.tay plopped up on one!

Any guesses as to which resort we're headed to or which city?


  1. I have no clue where in Mexico that is but I wanna go :o)

    I got my Just Thursday post up :o)

    Have a great day!!

  2. No clue. Never been. But, that is an incredibly romantic man!!!! Have fun with it!!!

  3. Myan Rivieira and I'll say the Riu...haha that is just the location we always go and a resort I know haha!

    Looks wonderful no matter where it is!

  4. Oh How fun!! I went to a bar that looked a lot like that in Cozumel... fun fun fun!! I don't think that's the exact bar though...

  5. No clue, but I'm pretty jealous! We went to a Secrents Excellence resort in Mexico for our honeymoon and it was amazing and I dream of going back one day!! Lucky you!!!

  6. i have no idea, but it looks awesome! it would drive me nuts not knowing, but what a fun surprise!! =)

  7. geez, I live here and I still don't know haha. Judging by the lushness of the greenery in the background and the rustic look of the bar, I'm gonna say it's NOT Cancun. Still, the palapa suggests it might be in the area. Maybe Cozumel, Isla Mujeres or Playa del Carmen??

    This is fun! Keep em coming!


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