Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Do You Do When You Have 4 Children..

Who Want To Go To The Pool & The Weather Is Questionable?!
You raid your husband's cousin's friends Pool like we did last Friday!
At least if it rains off & on we don't have to pack everything up and waste money leave!  

[only 5 bags & a purse to take 5 of us swimming for about 5 hours..ugh!]


  1. Great pictures! I love it. I wish the weather was nice enough, to go swimming. :( It is sooo sad. It's been in the 60's..I am hoping that it will soon be in the 70, at least so J and I can spend the weekends vegging in the sun.

  2. OMGosh you are much more brave than I ever was! There is no way I would attempt a pool trip with five kiddos!! You rock girlie :)

  3. haha, me and my sis-n-law take our five kids and it is total chaos! but they love it and it wears them out. Those pics are too cute =)

  4. Oh your puppy is precious!! LOVE his name!


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