Friday, June 25, 2010

To Do List..

I'm feeling overwhelmed at the moment...writing it out helps me feel more organized...

schedule 1 year ann. photos with Anna
clean house like crazy!
take stuff to Goodwill
go grocery & Costco shopping
schedule oil changes for both cars
create photo book for goodbye gift
find new job!
figure out 4th of July plans
get Ashley's birthday gift
create & order family photo book

I - time consuming project
B - important


  1. i think i need to learn how to read. when i first read this...i thought you meant "1 year annual" as know the girlie doctor.

    i was thinking why in the world would she want to schedule pictures of that?


    ps...hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

  2. I love when you do your lists on your blog!!! I need to write things out for myself as well!

  3. I should write lists on my blog too! I feel so disorganized lately!

  4. I always feel writing things help. Good luck on the job search. I have been looking since May.. yeah.. no luck.!

  5. Whoa!! I know I've been a bit out of touch since I went back to work, but what's this about a finding a new job? What did I miss?


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