Friday, June 25, 2010

Yet another reason..

why my hubby rocks my socks off..

it's Friday night...9:30pm..we're young & kid-free..

most of our friends are out..
..partying.. hopping.. out..
having a grand time celebrating the end of another crazy workweek

not Adam..

knowing that I was overwhelmed with the condition of our home he helped me tackle it.  together we did dishes.dusted.mopped.washed windows.scrubbed counters & showers.attacked the dirty clothes.washed rugs & bedding.dusted vents & ceiling fans.vacuumed.& picked up

challenge me to a 'cleaner house' competition...i dare ya! :)

oh...did i mention that he did it all without complaining!!

sometimes my hubby just rocks!


  1. Nice work! Doesn't a clean house feel good. Sadly, our Friday nights are beginning to sound more like that more and more!! BTW, did you see you were one of the winners on my wine stopper giveaway? Check it out! :)

  2. WHAAAAAAAAAT...He deserves some special lovin' haha! My husband would bitch and moan the ENTIRE time, not to mention the fight he would have initially put up about even doing it!
    You have a good guy for sure! Don't you just love having a clean house, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. WOW! That is awesome how in the world did you manage to get your hubby to help with that I thinkor hubbys need to hangout lol..

  4. What an awesome guy! Can he come over and help me today? My house is stressing me out, but I can't physically clean it and my hubby is to busy. Thanks for just letting me have a pitty party! I am glad your house is all clean an tidy! What a wonderful feeling!

  5. Challenge accepted!

    I tease.

    I love me a good, clean house. It feels so great and you feel so accomplished at the end of it, though I'm not one to clean ceiling fans or vents often :)

    Sorry, I'm no help with the Nike-thingy problem ;)

  6. You lucky girl you!! I keep waiting for my husband to realize how overwhelmed I am with housework since I went back to work..........still waiting.

  7. That's awesome. He's a keeper!


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