Friday, June 4, 2010

5 Question Friday

1. If you could go back to college would you change your major? Or, if you were to go to college right now...what major would you choose?
Yes..I would choose Special Education!

2. What do you love most about your home?
I love the way it feels cozy.  It isn't a dream home by any means but it's a very comfortable place & many other people have said that same thing so that makes me feel good.  When I walk in the door I actually feel.

3. What types of books do you like to read (if you like to read at all)?
I love girly, simply books.  Jodi Picult, Sophie Kinsley, Nicholas Sparks, Kristin Hannah, etc.  I also have a addiction to buying self-help/coffee table books! :O

4. What is the grossest thing you've ever eaten?
Well...I'm not a real adventurous eater so probably something simple that I made that just didn't turn out! :)

5. If you HAD to be a character on a TV show, whom would you be?
I can't think of anyone on a current show, but I did want to be Rebecca from Full House when I was younger! :)

And of course...if you want to join in on the 5QF up!

Happy Friday!

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  1. You should check out Kristin Billerbeck's books. If you light light, funny and girly her books are just that! They are some of my absolute favorites! They actually make you laugh out loud:)


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