Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Thursday & Giveaway! & Random Ramblings

*[Don't Forget] .. enter my {giveaway!}* .. only 100 hours!

Random Ramblings..
-I still don't know what I'm going to give for my 'giveaway' [ideas welcomed]
-I am very excited for my company tonight & tomorrow
-I can't believe I haven't even posted about last weekend yet!
-This weather makes me want to be outside 24/7 [I can't believe we're supposed to get snow Saturday!]
-I am so glad Adam convinced me to go away with him this weekend!
-I think Bennett has an ear infection :(
-I have the day off tomorrow!

Outside my's bright & sunny and the neighborhood kids are playing

The time is..almost 2pm
Today I cleaning & playing outside
I am thinking..hurry up & wake from your nap girls..we still have time to go to the park
At the moment, I am thankful..for friends..can't wait for Mel & Stella to arrive
I am going..on a mini-getaway with my hubby this weekend!
I am wearing..t-shirt, jeans, & barefoot
I wish..this weather could last through the weekend
I am reading..blogs [i have misplaced my library card!] :(
I am working on..a enjoying each day as much as possible
I am win some moola [$$] this weekend
I am hearing..birds chirping & kids playing
Around the's clean & ready for the weekend
I bet you didn't know..i ran 2 miles last night
One of my favorite..restaurants is Palmer's Deli

Join the Fun!  Copy & Paste and fill it out on your blog!  
*If you do this make sure you comment so I can check yours out!

Have a great weekend Everyone!


  1. Hello Lovely Lady.
    I did your "outside my window" thing. :) Well, I havn't done it yet, butttt I am going to do it..fairly soon, it is saved as a draft. Lol. I will get to it. Just letting you know so you could check check check it out. :)

    Do you know where you are going away to this weekend? I have the whole weekend off, and I actually realize it this time, I intend to take the dogs to the beach, yes three dogs, in a car, an hour and a half drive. hehe. I just need a break from this town. hehe.

  2. This is a lot of fun. I may just join in. I am curious now about your weekend.!! Do tell.!

  3. You could give away something that is your "favorite item" -- ive seen coffee giveaways, favorite color wallets, favorite books!

  4. I'm from FF


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