Tuesday, March 16, 2010

...Thank You Giveaway...

Alright..a while back I promised a friend {cough}Hillary{cough} that if I ever hit 100 followers I would do an 'Ask Anything' post.  She [so kindly] reminded me today that I have 101 [now 103!] followers.  Since I love you all so much I decided it's time to share some random facts about me that you may or may not know already.  I will also be hosting a giveaway as promised..

i actually enjoyed planning our wedding:staying home rocks:the best sounds my life are Murdock's chains clanking and Adam's voice:i love to sleep:hate to cook:like high heels w/ jeans:have recently learned to live a little and that work and money don't make you happy:jewelry and designer purses make me smile:tatoos are addicting:i love steak&potatoes...&amp:also wine:i live for sundays that we get to stay in sweatpants and never leave our condo:family is my life:i love vacations and beaches:i'm still looking for my dream job:i like my altima but would love a new suv:i make the best mac&cheese:i always have candles burning:i creep fb too much [used to!]:massages, tanning, & sun relax me:shopping makes me smile:i still get the googlies in my stomach when i think about adam:i love board games:i'm very competitive even though i'm not excellent at much:i love being barefoot:i can't sing or dance really but love to have fun & goof around:i always have a good time with my sisters:i would rather have a few best friends than a bunch of social friends:i'm a small town girl & as crazy as it sounds think i could actually stay in a town around here:i've recently married the man of my dreams that always wants me happy and makes me laugh more than i ever have in my life:i can't wait to make 5 beautiful babies and become a phenomenal wife & mom! i ♥ everyday and everyone who has helped me become who i am:blogging has been more fun than I could have ever imagined:i have the best mom:cribbage is one of my favorite games:i enjoy the feeling of sending thank-you notes:i LOVE surprises:painted toes are adorable:reading is one of my favorite things to do:someday i want to learn how to take good photos
personalized gifts are the best to give & receive:kids make me smile:hypnotic is the only liquor i will drink:i eat no fruits or vegetables:my parents are still married [25 years]:i got my first cell phone at 15:my first car was a 1992 Mazda Mx3:tank tops rock:i drink 1 can of mt. dew a day:Adam & I both have 2 sisters:I worked in a hair salon for 6 years:Adam & I designed my wedding ring:I want a couple more big dogs:Coconut Lime & Vanilla Sugar smell amazing:i don't own any Uggs:I used to have my nose pierced [and miss it]:i know how to drive a manual car

To enter my giveaway ask me one question below.  [Every follower can [and hopefully will!] enter 1 time]  Giveaway will end in 100 hours [Saturday 5pm Central Timeso don't wait!!  2 winners..not sure the prize yet..but after all of the Snickers talk I'm thinking it will include a Snickers Easter Egg! :)

[Now...Go to Hilary's page to ask her a question...I think she'll get her post up soon too! :]


  1. Where is Ankeny, Iowa?! (And how do you pronounce that?) Sorry, that's two questions...

  2. Fun fun! Congrats on 100 followers!

    Here's my question - what about the married life most surprised you?

  3. Funnnn Congrats!!!

    My question is

    What is your favorite thing to do with the hubs?

  4. You like Hypnotic, eh? What's your favorite way to drink it? Mixed? Straight up?

  5. how long have you been a nanny and will you ever do anything different. i loved being a nanny

  6. Holy crap lady! 104??? Way to go!

    My question: When do you plan on having children? What is your most absolute favorite thing to do with your hubby? What's your secret for getting so many followers so quickly!? :-)

  7. How long before you think you'll try for kids of your own?

  8. What did you do int he salon you worked in for 6 years and How long have you been a nanny?
    Congrats on 103 followers!

  9. What is your favorite book.? I am a big reader and love new books.

    Congrats on the followers.!

  10. My question has already been asked....when do you and Adam plan on having kids? So I will ask, when you and Adam have a baby what do you want first ...a boy or a girl???

  11. Oh I love hypnotic. Do you already have baby names picked out? And if so, do you share them with anyone?

    I know with J and I, that we do NOT share what our potential names are, just because I love the names we have picked out and would have to kick one of my friends if they took the name, especially after I told them what it was. :)
    Congrats on the 100+ followers. I am jealous. hehe.

  12. Your puppy is precious. Do you tell your parents that it is their granddog until you have children??

  13. why do you Nanny? Was it always something you new you wanted to do, or do you do it for other reasons?

    I run a home daycare. It's not something I ever would choose to do in a perfect world, but it's the only thing I can make the money I need to make for my family and still be here for my kids.

    Just curious about you.

  14. Congrats on all of the followers. That is so exciting!
    Here's my question:
    Would you consider nannying even after you have children of your own?

  15. What are some of your favorite places to vacation?

    Congrats on 100+ followers!

  16. Congrats on making it to 100, I hope to make it there one day.. lol
    My Question is If you had your choice to go anywhere in the world and why? Sorry that is 2 questions I guess.. Have a blessed day and I cant wait to learn more about you.. :)

  17. Okay, I'm asking two questions:
    1. If you had to choose between a cell phone (phone & text only, no fancy 3G) or a computer as your only piece of technology for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?
    2. What made you choose Murdock? If you didn't pick him out, how did you get him?

  18. I love Snickers eggs!!! What is your favorite tv show???


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