Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jordyn | Back to School | 2016 {Pre-K}

Jordyn started Pre-Kindergarden at Ankeny Public Schools this year.  She goes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for 2 1/2 hours each day.  I was incredible nervous for this transition, since she's so shy.  In fact, Adam and I discussed the transition from private preschool to public school for months before making our decision.  And then she went to school on the first day like she'd been there for years. #LikeAChamp I'm sure the meet the teacher night and home visit from Miss Gina helped, but to say we were impressed would be a huge understatement!  

She loves everything about school {especially centers!}, while I'm over here still getting trying to get used to homework, only district provided snacks {even for birthdays & holiday parties!!!}, and not being able to sneak into her classroom every day!  But we hit the jackpot with teachers and Jordyn is thriving, so that's all I can ask for!  PS...poor Jordyn was so tired in these photos!  I took them right after her first day of school and she was beat! :(

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