Wednesday, July 6, 2016


A while back, Beet Blu contacted me asking if I was interested in reviewing the Beets Blu Smart Scale.  At first I was like 'No Thanks' because my weight has not been in my favor this past year. {your welcome that I used my children's weight and now my own for this post!}  However, after I looked at the scale, I changed my tune.  Until this point, I was assuming it was like every other scale, however, it's not.  It's sleek, with glossy black, metal, with a blue digital reading.  I love the simple, digital display, and total bonus that it replaced our very inconsistent scale that would show you 3 different weights within a minute of stepping off the scale.  

However, the coolest thing about this scale is that it links an app on your phone that allows you to customize your profile {age, gender, height, build} and set your weight goals {lose, maintain, gain}.  When you weigh yourself, it beeps to signal the information was send to your phone.  From your phone, you can see muscle, fat, water, bmi, lean body mass, & bones by day, week, month, etc. to see your trends.  The green arrow shows when you make good changes and red for negative ones.  The best part is that anyone that downloads the app can have their own profile, with the same scale.  

It should also be noted that you can use the scale for an accurate weight check without the app if you prefer.
You can purchase this scale on | Retail Price $74.95. 
*DISCLAIMER*  This post was written and edited by me, based on my own opinion of the product.  No additional compensation was received for this blog post. 

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