Thursday, July 21, 2016

Picnic at Jasper | 2016

Until this year, we've always taken advantage of Jasper Winery's summer concert series.  Each Thursday night they have live music of some sort in their courtyard.  It's always a great time.  The music, the food vendors, and their famous sangria with a blanket, some friends, and your favorite snacks.  

As the kids get bigger and our schedules get crazier, our weekly Jasper night has been cut from the schedule.  However, I couldn't go the entire summer without making it down there, so last Thursday when Adam was upgrading the sound system in our Jeep with a friend at the lake, I packed a picnic dinner and took the kids to listen to the dueling guitars after tumbling.  It was supposed to storm, so it was a little less crazy than normal {yay!} Unfortunately, for the second time this summer, I forgot our picnic blanket!  This time, it made it to the car, but I managed to forget to grab it!  If I were with other people I would have ran back to grab it, but the thought of slooooowly walking all.the.way back to the car with lawn chairs, a picnic basket, and both kids made me decide to suck it up and sit on the ground. 

So good!  Get yourself some!

I learned that my kids are not fans of coconut water! ;)

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