Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kids 24|52

Cullyn | This boy is so funny.  He was mad that I enrolled J in swimming lessons {& not him.  I tried to enroll him, but they told me to wait until he's 3 per the Iowa Heart Association} so I called and got him in.  He refused to get in the pool until the last 5 minutes of class.  So I tell him he can't go back.  He cries, whines, and totally works me over so I give in and sign him up again.  This class he totally refused to get in and kept telling me he didn't want to swim with 'that guy' {the lifegaurd}. And then this weekend?  He swam like a fish and is actually a really great swimmer {for a 3 year old!}.  When racing with their lifejackets on, he beat Jordyn every time. And he doesn't mind going under water at all.  It's a good thing this boy is cute because he sure keeps me on my toes!  He was also unsure about tubing until I made him go with me and then wanted to tube all day.  

Jordyn | Jordyn is loving swimming lessons with Lexi.  They're really connected and she is doing amazing!  She swims with a little help, or swims by herself with a noodle, a paddleboard, or her lifejacket.  She's obsessed with goggles now. :)  Submerging her head in water still isn't her thing.  She went tubing for the first time {multiple times} this weekend and never wanted to stop. Going town the slide was her favorite part though! 

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