Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide $20-50

We have been so incredibly busy this April, that Mother's Day totally snuck up on me!  How is it next weekend already?  We have been so blessed this year {a new house, a new car, a dream vacation}, that I truly don't expect anything this year.  In fact, a nice brunch with my family {who happens to be in town next weekend} and an afternoon nap would make my weekend perfect!  However, that doesn't stop me for sharing a few things I've been eyeing! :)

Shirt | Earrings | Flowers | Necklace

Earrings | I've been loving all of the druzy jewels lately!  And with a $20 price tag, I'm all in!
Shirt | Anyone that knows me know I love tees, and hashtags, and anything mom related, so this is exactly what my yoga pants have been asking for!
Necklace | I've been dreaming of a necklace like this since I had Jordyn write 'GRAM' and made into a necklace for my mama.  I would LOVE one with her little capslock handwriting that says MAMA.  While you couldn't get it here before Mother's Day, I promise, this necklace is worth the wait!
Flowers | Who doesn't love flowers on any Mother's Day?  These are adorable, eco friendly, and last forever!  Use code 'ECO25' for 25% off!

*None of these products are sponsored in any way!  They're just a few things I been loving, purchased for a gift, or seen from a friend. 


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! Might be a hint to drop to the hubby tonight.

  2. Thanks for including a pair of earrings from Elisabeth Ashlie! :)


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