Friday, January 8, 2016

Photos on Friday :: Connor {Indianola Senior}

Meet Connor.  A Class of 2016 Senior.  Fun fact about Connor, when his dad called me to schedule the session he told me Connor absolutely didn't want his photos taken and he wasn't even sure if he could get him to commit to coming, let alone send me his outfit choices ahead of time.  I laughed and said not to worry about it, we'll figure it out.  I suggested maybe Connor and I take the photos without the parents there, thinking maybe he would open up a bit more {secretly hoping to get at least one shot the parents, and schoolbook, would find acceptable}.  Little did I know, Connor would show up with two nice outfit options and end up being an absolute delight to work with!  Had his dad not forewarned me, I wouldn't have even known how much he was dreading his senior session.  So fellow photogs…remain hopeful in each session, regardless of what you're expecting.


  1. awesome photos, such pretty scenery. and I don't really know any teenage boy that likes their pic taken. ha!

    1. Thanks! Spoken like a true photographer! ;)


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