Tuesday, January 12, 2016

North Pole Party | 2015

Get ready for photo overload, because this was probably the highlight of my 2015 Christmas season. The kids and I threw our 1st Annual North Pole Party {inspired by}  Unfortunately December is busy, so many people couldn't attend, but it was the best Sunday afternoon we had all December. :)  

We kicked dad out, started a fire, simmered cinnamon, cranberries, and orange slices on the stove and started the Christmas music before our friends arrived for an afternoon of Christmas...

Jammies required, cute Christmas headbands optional. 

::Cocoa Station::

::Read a Story::
A favorite!

::Cookie Decorating::
Handmade by Jordyn & I before the party.

::Reindeer Food::
Without a doubt...the highlight of the party.  Every NP Party from here on out will have a Reindeer Food Station :)


::Gift Exchange::
$10 unisex gift exchange. Something I may skip next year...


::Group Photo::
Something I will not be skipping next year.  So funny! :)

::Take Home Gifts::
Candles for the mamas
Santa Envelope-Target $1 spot | Snacks | Cinnamon Ornament made my Jordyn & Cullyn
Peppermint essential oil roller for the family

I'm already looking forward to next year!  Perhaps a Santa sighting or phone call? 


  1. What an awesome and fun idea!

  2. How wonderful this North pole party was! The kiddos seem to have great time in this party. The food is my favorite part of your party. It looks so delicious. You know I am also going to host such a cute party on my daughter’s birthday at some popular Kid’s party New York venues.


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