Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Educational Games for the Kids

I had awesome intentions of telling you guys about this over School Break, but Sickness, Christmas, Painting, Moving, Sickness again hit and before I knew it we were almost half way through January and I still haven't posted about it.  So, let's just call this very early Spring Break planning! ;)

Jordyn loves to learn and Cullyn loves to be doing whatever Jordyn is doing, so while I was on Etsy searching for some Christmas gifts, I came across a Felt Matching Game from AllTheTimeLearning.  It seemed like the perfect thing because it allowed Jordyn to work on identifying numbers {out of order} and matching them with the corresponding number of dots and also helped Cullyn learn to count quantity {how many dots are on this one?} versus counting continuously like he normally does {think 1 to 20 without stopping}

Shortly after the Matching Game arrived, Diane emailed me asking if I wanted to try her eLearning Series for Preschoolers.  I knew it was the perfect thing to work with the kids on over Christmas Break {almost 3 weeks}  Diane is a homeschooling mom for 25 years and gave all kinds of advise on teaching methods for different learning styles which is perfect because Jordyn loves to learn and likes a structured, quite learning environment but Cullyn is all boy and while he is very smart, he cannot sit still for very long at all.  I really liked her 'Rocking Chair Method' for Cullyn.  

She emailed me several sets of learning activities and we just did a few pages each day {we aren't done yet}.  I love how you an use the same sheets in different ways depending on the age/skill level.  I didn't do it at first, but after a week or so I decided to laminate the worksheets so Jordyn can keep doing them {I'm telling you, the kid loves to learn}  And judging by the way she acts around her brother during 'school time', she has a good chance of becoming a teacher. :)


Number Writing

Look at the beautiful, custom illustrations!

Thanks again, Diane, for sending us these!  


  1. You're welcome, Abby! All these photographs are wonderful:) I especially like the one with Jordyn teaching Cullyn.

    1. Thank you again, Diane! If we skip a day of 'homeschool' Jordyn always asks when we can do it again, so clearly they love your work!


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