Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Outside my's snowing lightly.  it rained earlier & it's been cold this week.
Today I feel..sick 
I am thankful..for our new home! & all of the help we've received from family to get us settled!!
I am the Traveler soundtrack by Chris Stapleton on repeat these days!  i bought the album for Adam, but I'm the one most obsessed ;)
I am smelling..this Glade plug in that my MIL recommended.  so good!
Tomorrow I am going..back to work.  Finally.  I have worked a part of one day since December 22nd, so I'm super behind!
I am wearing..leggings, long sleeved tee, & a vest
I wish..I was able to start working out this week like I had planned {damn sickness}
I am planning..decor for the new house! :)
This weekend..we're planning to go to the lake
I miss..Murdock.  Always.
I am reading..Sweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky {great so far!}
I am working on..Getting the new house organized.  preparing for the new year.  taxes.
Yesterday I..was in bed nearly all day.  sinus infection & the flu :(
I want to..lose some weight, again
I am get everyone healthy & then work on our winter bucket list :)
I am hearing..all the new noises of the house! {heater, fireplace, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer}
I need to..take the time to work on the kids' photo albums from the past several years. sigh.
I am set my new year's resolutions!  i know...i'm a dork!
I bet you didn't know..I still haven't uploaded Christmas photos from my camera!! {eek!}


  1. leggings forever and ever. glad you guys are getting settled in the new house, nicely!


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