Thursday, December 3, 2015

Family Bucket List | Winter

I don't know if it's the change of seasons, or preparing to move into our new house, or the loss of Murdock, but the only thing I'm craving this winter is a ton of family time.  If we spent every Friday night cuddled up under blankets watching movies & eating popcorn, I would be happy with that.  That being said, here is our Family Winter Bucket List...

Go sledding 
Bake cookies
Drink hot cocoa
Build a snowman
Cut down a Christmas tree
Make s'mores in the fireplace
Go ice skating at Brenton Skating Plaza
Take a sleigh ride through the snow at Jester Park

Did I miss anything?  
What are you doing with your family this Winter?

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  1. Sleigh ride! Yesssss

  2. That sleigh ride looks so cool! I'm posting our winter bucket list tomorrow. Can't wait to do all these fun activities!

    1. This is my favorite part of winter. So many fun activities. And it always reminds me how awesome it is to live in a state with all four seasons!

  3. Did you find a new house?? Maybe I have baby brain... Lol! Sounds like your winter will be jam packed with fun as usual!!

  4. I miss sledding. Perfect bucket list. I'd like to take the girls to see snow sometime.

    1. So crazy to think your girls haven't seen snow!!!


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